The Richmond Java Users Group has moved

The Richmond Java Users Group has been reorganized  and is using features to drive membership and get feedback from the community. Please join this meetup and use the registration feature for RJUG events.

Barry Lawson (Host), Romain Lhéritier (Social Chair) and Collins Denny (President) are super psyched to put the JUG back on everyone’s calendars! It has been a while!

We hope you will get involved with RJUG and look forward to meeting you or reconnecting at a future JUG!

JUG Reboot! New Meetup Site!

We are working on rebooting the JUG!

Please check out our new Meetup site. Register there and share your ideas. It will replace this site:


RichmondJug now on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter


We're now on:

Please join the LinkedIn and FaceBook groups and follow us on Twitter.

Leads for RJUG Topics and Speakers


If you ...

  • Would like to present to the JUG
  • Know of someone who you’d like to see present at the JUG
  • Meet someone who has an interesting topic
  • Are interested in a particular topic

Please send us your ideas or direct potential speakers our way.

Chris Allport can be reached at

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