Jump Up and Extend Roo with Add-Ons

Wednesday, May 16, 2012 - 5:30pm

Spring Roo is a powerful productivity tool that helps Spring developers get a leg up on productivity. It can quickly configure and speed development of JPA, JMS, Email, security, full text searching, several popular web frameworks such as Spring MVC and JSF, and much more.'

Ken Rimple, co-author of Manning's Spring Roo in Action, will show you how to write Roo add-ons, beginning with an overview of the OSGi platform that comprises the Roo shell. He'll demystify the various OSGi services used to configure new maven artifacts, parse and generate various file types, and transactionally manipulate and generate files in your project. He'll do this while building a new add-on from the ground up.

But what if it doesn't do what you want it to? Maybe you'll want to integrate it with a framework it doesn't yet support. Maybe you want to give your developers an add-on to integrate into your own back-end systems, with a productive command set to automate building those classes. Or perhaps you'll want to hook into the latest and greatest web or back-end infrastructure framework. All of this is possible with Roo, and you can help yourself AND the Roo community by building these extensions as Roo add-ons.

Ken will also discuss how to use and deploy your add-ons, including how to use the Roobot to register your add-on for others to use.

Don't miss this talk if you want to get the most out of Roo, and would be interested in contributing add-ons to the ecosystem.



Dominion Innsbrook Technical Center

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About the Presenter

Ken Rimple

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Ken Rimple is the author (with Srini Penchikala, and contributions by Gordon Dickens) of Spring Roo in Action, published by Manning Publications (http://manning.com/rimple). Ken created and leads the Education Services team for Chariot Solutions, which delivers training and mentoring in a wide variety of subjects including Spring, Maven, Groovy/Grails, Rails, and Scala. He is a certified VMware and Sonatype instructor and heads Chariot's partner relations with training vendors. Working with Java since the 1990s, Ken is fluent in Spring, Hibernate/JPA, various web frameworks including Spring MVC and WebFlow, and Grails. Ken has co-chaired several Chariot conferences, including ETE 2009 and 2010, Cloud-Con East in 2008, and the Philly Grails Conference in 2009. He is also the host and creator of the Chariot TechCast podcast series (http://techcast.chariotsolutions.com), which aims to deliver information about projects and developers in the open source community both here in Philadelphia and internationally as well. Ken has a wife, four children, two dogs and a dull headache.