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2013 Calendar

May 15, 2013 @ 5:30 PM

Where:  University of Richmond, Jepson Hall

Sponsor:  UDig

Presenter:  Jyot Singh and Rising Tides Solutions

Topic:  Hadoop & Big Data

Our meetings are typically held on the third Wednesday of each month (except August and December).

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Please send your topic suggestions and proposals for meeting topics and speakers and consider making a presentation to the Richmond JUG this year.

Topics of Interest:

  • Java 7
  • Security
  • JRuby
  • Development tools
  • Clojure
  • Agile Software Engineering
  • SOA
  • Integrating Java Web Start, JNI, RMI, Swing
  • JBoss
  • Oracle WebLogic


Our 2012 Calendar:

DATE   SPEAKER           TOPIC                     SPONSOR
====== ================= ========================= ======================
Jan 18 RJUG Members      Lightning Talksd           TEKSystems
Feb 15 Jimmy Ray   Groovy Dynamic Edges    ICF Ironworks
Mar 21 Tim Stone   Stripes Framework    ICF Ironworks
Apr 18 Mike Cantelon     Node.js Apex Systems
May 16 Ken Rimple     Spring Roo Astyra.com
Jun 20 Stuart Sierra Intro to Clojure   Technisource
Jul 18 Bob McWhirter     JBoss Torquebox TBD
Aug 15 RJUG Members      What to do with RJUG?     none
Sep 19 David Chandler   Android Apex Systems
Oct 17 Scott Leberknight    ZooKeeper Apex Systems
Nov 21 SyncRVA/RichTech  TedX Conference / SyncRVA RJUG
Dec 19 N/A               Holiday                   N/A


RJUG  2011 Calendar:

DATE   SPEAKER           TOPIC                     SPONSOR
====== ================= ========================= ======================
Jan 19 Artan Cami Erlang vs. Java           RJUG Steering Comm.
Feb 17 Rob Heittman   Java < JRuby > Ruby     TEKSystems
Mar 16 Tim Stone   HTML Evolution        TecHead
Apr 20 Charles Davis     SOA   Oracle
May 18 Dennis Sharpe    Blending Technologies Ironworks
Jun 14 Hiro Asari        JRuby Core   VACO
Jul 20 RJUG Members      Lightning Talks Affinion Group
Aug 17 RJUG Members      RJUG Social, Cap Ale      N/A
Sep 21 Venkat    Concurrency w/o Pain CapTech Ventures
Subramaniam in Pure Java
Oct 19 Reza Rahman    Dependency Injection Apex
Nov 16 Macon Pegram    Testing with Mocks   CapTech Ventures
Dec 21 N/A               Holiday                   N/A

RJUG 2010 Calendar:

DATE    SPEAKER           TOPIC                    SPONSOR
======= ================= ======================== ===================
Jan 20 Dirk Weibel AJAX
Feb 17 Andy Pemberton Sun Architect Cert Capital Tech Search
Mar 17  Mike Richardson JVM Memory Heap Genworth Financial
Apr 21  Kevin T. Smith    SOA Security integration Consult2Hire
May 19  Daniel Ramsbrock  Web App Security         CapTech Ventures
Jun 16  Nabil Hijazi Groovy/Grails RJUG President
Jul 21  Dan Juengst       Hibernate EHCache 2.0    Terracotta.org
Aug 18 n/a RJUG Social @ Cap Ale UDig & Fahrenheit 
Sep 15 Scott Leberknight Polyglot Persistence Daybreak IT
Oct 20 Isaac Truett Google Web Toolkit Apex
Nov 17 Adam Rabung Scala for Java Developers Modis

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